Pop Art


Pen and ink, Spray paint and Collage, T-shirt prints, Sticker pages.

 Utilising popular and iconic cultural images as well as corporate, and political portraits, these works highlight the the current denial of climate, economic and other international issues by major politicians, corporate  and governing bodies and their refusal to put aside their own personal agendas for the future of the planet and all that reside upon it.

#Art of the Subconscious

Created originally whilst attending the 'Opera House' nightclub in 1987, these pen and ink drawings started life drawn in their scores on large scraps without looking at the paper. 

Drawn in miniature during an event, sitting in the mid-row of the stalls or front row of the circle whilst inside the club, they were a product of their environment and surrounding as much as they were of the time.

They were influenced by the crowd and music, and later influenced the same when they appeared as life size versions on the stage as banners, as framed pieces around the venue, in fashion magazine the Face, and in exhibitions at the Moscow Club, Crucial and Belnhiem Galleries.

From this beginning many of the images later appeared on T-shirts through the late eighties and beyond in shops as diverse as 'Way-In' at Harrods, Joseph, Dickie Dirts, Yankee Doodle and Camden Market. 

Having been part of the recent 'Sweet Harmony - Rave Today'installation they are being re-worked into new pieces to be seen soon and available as limited edition prints.